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February 24, 2023 | Vineyard | OS VINE

2023 Pruning Has Begun

The 2023 pruning has begun at Oswald Vineyard! It started full swing the second week of February.

We have already pre-pruned these vines and precision-pruned them, now it's time to finish pruning them by hand! The hardest part!

Christoph and Merrill Pruning

All hand's on deck

Everyone has been out pruning and it is going well so far! We can get over an acre pruned daily, so that is excellent progress! We have been working most days, taking off days that are super cold or extremely windy.

Everyone pruning in the vineyard.

Pruning is a very hands-on time in the vineyard. It is one of our most time-sensitive tasks of the year. The other one is harvest. So during pruning season, it's all hands on deck!

Before and After

As you can see, the vines look very different after being pruned. They are much cleaner and ready for the new growth this year!

Everyone is excited to see what God has in store for us, this year in the vineyard. It is always an exciting time.

Looking up a row of pruned vines.

Break Time

At the ends of the rows, we all take breaks. Even the dogs! They love being with their family and are never too far away. 

Collage photo - Vineyard workers and their dogs.

Our Progress Plan

We hope to be finished pruning by the end of March. As you know, pruning helps delay bud break which is very important. We can have late freezes so we want to delay bud break for as long as possible.

John pruning a vine.

When you cut a shoot (or spur; vineyard lingo) to the desired length, you relieve the turgor pressure in the vine and that is what slows down bud break. As the weather warms up and the vines start waking up, the sap starts flowing. So later on in the pruning season, when you cut the spur, the sap starts dripping. A sure way to tell that the vines are waking up!

Pruning is also a very satisfying time of the year because you can very easily look over your shoulder and see your progress! A pruned vineyard is such a sense of accomplishment!

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