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July 19, 2022 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Roussanne 2018 is Bottled and Labeled

The last barrel of Roussanne 2018 is bottled and labeled! We had bottled most of it previously and now have finished the last bit.

Roussanne 2018 is Bottled and Labeled - wine bottle

A Little about the Wine

The Roussanne 2018 is such a yummy wine. It's fruity, medium bodied and has a great color. Like always, Roussanne is our "in between wine". It's not a super light white wine but it is not a heavy wine either; it's right in the middle!

Roussanne 2018 is Bottled and Labeled - bottles in a case

The Process

We used our normal bottling setup, which includes our bottling line, corker and labeler. Since we only did one barrel ( a barrel is 60 gallons), we didn't put the wine into a stainless steel tank, we just pulled straight out of the barrel.

We also ran the wine through our filter press. Running it through the filter press makes sure that the wine is nice and clear, ready to be bottled!

wine barrel and filter press

This go round, only one person was attending the bottling line. Since we were doing a small quantity of wine, we just let the person watching the bottling line, get the empty bottles out of the boxes. We have previously had two people at the bottling line, one person to get the empty bottles out of the box and the other person to keep the bottles filling.

Roussanne 2018 is Bottled and Labeled - bottling line

We had one person corking the bottles. This job is fun but you do have to be careful. If the bottle is not positioned correctly, the cork won't go all the way in.

Roussanne 2018 is Bottled and Labeled - bottle corker

We had one person labeling the bottles. Labeling is a fun job and you can go very fast. We all worked some in every station but I think Christoph was always labeling.

bottle labeler

And last but not least, one person was putting the bottles in the cases and stacking them on the pallet. Since this is the last job in the whole bottling/labeling process, if you get a little behind (because maybe you were talking or drinking coffee...), you aren't holding anyone up and it's super easy and quick to get caught back up.

Roussanne 2018 is Bottled and Labeled - Pallet of wine cases.

All Finished!

Bottling is such a fun time because we all get to talk, work together and have a good time. It is nice now that the Roussanne 2018 is bottled because we have extra barrel space for more wine!

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