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July 30, 2021 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Summer in the Vineyard

It is summer in the vineyard! It has been a very hot June (over 100 degrees) but the vines love it so we will take it. We are very thankful for AC in the house though!

Summer in the Vineyard - Collage of pictures of the vineyard at sunrise.

Early morning in the vineyard is so peaceful. You can just listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the cool of the morning.

Sunrise in the Vineyard

I got some sunrise pictures this morning along with an overview of the vineyard and a few grape pictures!

Summer in the Vineyard - Sunrise in the vineyard.

The vines are growing very well, even though we got hit with hail this spring. It is like they want to make up for the lost canopy and fruit! It is so neat to see God at work in our vineyard, giving us more canopy and grapes then we thought we would have!

Summer in the Vineyard - Collage of pictures looking out over Roussanne vines.

You can see in the pictures how the vines are just about to and are touching the ground. That means it is time for us to start wire lifting. During the summer, wire lifting is our main job in the vineyard.

Summer in the Vineyard

Summer in the vineyard is very green! The vineyard is definitely the greenest part of our property.

The grapes are getting nice and big. They have not gone through veraison yet. They will start changing colors (veraison) in July so we are almost there!

In the summer, we do a lot of weed maintenance (in vineyard lingo, it is called floor management). During the summer, we also go through and tie down arms in the Vermentino planting, that way those little vines will have arms for years to come!

So now you know what fills our days during the summer!

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