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January 20, 2021 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Wine - from Tanks to Barrels

We have been filtering our wine and getting it ready to sit in oak barrels. So, today, we are moving the wine from the stainless steel tanks to our oak barrels.

The Filter

We filter the wine so that it is all "clean" and free of yeast and other junk. We use a pad filter to filter the wine. A friend let us use his filter and it has been a great help!

We are only using a few filter pads today because this white wine is already pretty clean. When we filter the reds, we use a bunch more filter pads because they tend to have more "stuff" to filter out.

Wine - from Tanks to Barrels - pad filter and pump.

We use a pump to pump the wine from the tank through the filter and finally into the barrels.

From Tanks

Today we are filtering from tanks to barrels. Sometimes we go from one tank into another tank but this wine is ready for barrels.

wine tank.

To Barrels

We rinsed and steamed the barrels to make sure that they are clean. It is super cold, note the bundled up winemaker! Who says work has to be serious and no fun??? It's not around here.

John steaming a barrel and laughing.

We do switch out when we are cleaning the barrels, that way the wet person can warm up in the winery.

John steaming a barrel.

After the barrels are all clean, it's time to fill them up with wine!

Filling the Barrels

Now it is time to put some wine in those barrels! Each barrel holds 60 gallons of wine.

It is difficult to see the level of wine in the barrels as we fill it. So, we use flashlights to help see better but sometimes we still overflow the barrels!

Wine - from Tanks to Barrels - Silas filling a barrel.

Stacked Barrels

Now those barrels are stacked up and ready to sit. We let the wine sit in the barrels so that it can mellow and smooth out. It can take awhile, the 2017 vintage sat for two years in barrels.

Wine - from Tanks to Barrels - Stacked barrels.

We staple index cards to the ends of the barrels. On the cards we put the name of the wine, vintage and when we lasted topped off the barrels.

Wine - from Tanks to Barrels - Labeled barrels.

The process of moving the wine from tanks to barrels is complete! Now we just have to wait until the next vintage of wine is ready to move.

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