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December 14, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

December Vineyard - 2012

I thought you might enjoy seeing what a change has occurred in the vineyard since harvest. No longer is it the vibrant green signalling life and growth. After harvest, the vines continue to store carbohydrates in preparation for next year. Once the first freeze occurs, leaves began to die and start falling off the vines. While it is no longer the picturesque and romantic vineyard of spring and summer, it still has a beauty all its own.

Below shows the vineyard in July 2012.


Now, with most leaves gone, the vines look gnarly and brown.


In July the vines were loaded with ripening grapes.


Now, those same vines offer only raisins - which are very good - except for the seeds  ;)

When I look at the vineyard now, I think, "sleep vines, sleep - it is time for your well deserved rest!"


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