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October 7, 2020 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Vermentino Trellis

The trellis or support system we use for our grape cordon and canopy is up in the Vermentino! Here are some pictures of the different tasks involved in the Vermentino trellis process.

Fiberglass Rods

Vermentino vines and posts

The first thing to do is to set all the posts down the row. We use fiberglass rods to hold the cordon wire.

We use the tractor to push the posts in. The dirt is normally soft enough but sometimes the tractor can't do it and we have to come back and do it by hand. For the really tough ones, we cut them off.

End Posts

Putting in the end posts, close up

Then comes the end posts. This task was fast, we were able to get it done in one day.

Vermentino Trellis - Putting in the end posts

This is such a cool machine because it just pushes them right in. One person operates the pounder, one person sets the next post and the last person drives the van forward.

Vermentino vine

The vines are looking so good. Most of them are coming out the top of their cartons (the white "boxes" around them). The cartons protect them from the wind and also from the rabbits. Cartons are a big time saver for us because they help protect the vines but they also help the vines to grow up straight.

We put the cartons on right after we plant. We also use a piece of rebar to hold the carton up.

Vermentino Trellis - Row of end posts up

Now all the end posts are in. Next job: pulling the cordon wire!

Cordon Wire

Cordon wire

The cordon wire is up. The guys run down the row pulling a wire. They take turns pulling so that they can have a rest because it sure is a workout. They were able to get it all pulled in two days, they are fast!

The gripple holds the wire nice and tight.

Close up of cordon wire and gripple

Wire clips

We use t-post clips to clip the wire to the fiberglass rods.

Vermentino Trellis - Collage of cordon clipped onto the posts.

It was a fast job, we were able to get it all clipped on in two days. We had five people clipping the wire on so that made the job go faster. Plus, it helps the conversation and the competitive spirit!

Tie-ing Vines

Vermentino Trellis - Collage of vines before, after and during tie-ing on.

Next comes tie-ing the vines to that cordon wire. This is the most time consuming job, probably the easiest but it takes the longest.

Vermentino Trellis is Up

Vermentino Trellis - Vine that is tie-ed onto the cordon wire.

And that is how it's done!

Next year, we'll run a few more wires for each row. Those wires will hold up the vine frawns as they get big but that can wait until next year!

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