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May 17, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Storm Clouds

Storm clouds can be such a beautiful sight! It's so neat to see the different aspects of God's creation.

The different storm clouds passing over have given a beautiful view for all of us here in West Texas. Like the sunsets, you can see the whole horizon of clouds. No trees make for a nice view!

May has brought wonderful rain - 3.4  inches of it! That brings our total rainfall for 2012 to 7.4 inches! That is so great for the surrounding area, all of the farmers (and everyone else) need more rain!

It has also brought wind which knocked out our wireless internet - Again! On the bright side, we get to see really neat clouds and we got some more rain.

Sometimes, the clouds look like popcorn that just keeps growing! It is neat to see the color changes in the clouds. Like in the picture below, the top is white but the bottom is more cream colored. God's handi-work is truly amazing.

But, even with the headaches that country living can bring sometimes, I would not change a thing!

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