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May 3, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Spring Has Sprung!

I love the springtime - even here in West Texas.

Or, maybe I should say, especially here in West Texas! After such cold, brown winters (compared to lower Alabama), the green of spring is a welcome sight bringing with it hope and a new beginning.

Once the vineyard begins to bud and grow, it seems as though everywhere I look, there is green.

The new grapevines (Petit Verdot and Moscato Giallo) which were planted a couple of weeks ago are in varying stages of budding.

In the field, even with the drought last year and only 4 inches of rain so far this year, we have wildflowers. My favorite are the daisies, yellow black eyed Susans.

In the garden the beans are coming up.

So are the peas.

And, don't forget the asparagus we planted last week - the little crowns are peaking up through the soil waiting to be covered further. They actually look like miniature asparagus!

Everywhere I look, evidence of new growth and life are around.

What an amazing Creator we have!


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