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March 22, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Rest Day?

Yesterday, I awoke to a rainy day! Yes, you read that correctly. Here in west Texas it was raining! The normally dry, desert conditions were completely different - everything was wet! We even had rain running down our windows! Now, we are dedicated workers and even work in freezing weather, but with the rain, everyone went back to bed for some much needed sleep.

About 9:30am however, the rain began to slow and stop. With that realization, we got out of bed and began breakfast. With the last 3+ weeks being filled with pruning our vineyard, the housework has suffered. I decided to take a "rest" day and do some deeper cleaning other that just the maintenance upkeep.

So, while John and the children went to complete the pruning and tying of vines, I kept the two younger children home deep cleaning, organizing and cooking.

While preparing dinner, thinking about tomorrow's work - we move up to our oldest son's vineyard and help him prune their 25 acres - I happened to look out the kitchen window. A beautiful sunset was waiting to be admired.

As I watched, the picture changed before my eyes becoming even more brilliant.

What a beautifull end to a productive day!


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