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July 10, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Petit Verdot and Moscato Giallo Training

A lot of work was done in the vineyard while I was in Georgia!

End posts and wires were put in place in the new planting of Petit Verdot and Moscato Giallo.

Both the Petit Verdot and Muscato Giallo were trained. Left to themselves, grapevines will grow to be quite bushy. This does not yield a vine which produces good quality fruit.


Training is done to focus the plant's energy into one strong, well-positioned shoot allowing for good quality fruit and healthy vines. A well-positioned shoot is one which grows straight up from the graft, is hopefully the longest of the shoots and is healthy. Once a shoot is selected, all others are pinched off. The selected vine is then tied to a bamboo stake positioned vertically from the ground and is attached to the cordon wire. Once the vine reaches the cordon wire, 2 arms are trained to go in opposite directions from each other. This is where the fruit will be produced.

While training is not difficult, it does require attentiveness and time. And, in 100F - 107F weather, it is quite an accomplishment!


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