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August 26, 2010 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Oh So Sweet!

I may be biased, but aren't those grapes beautiful? I wish you could just reach out and pick one, pop it in your mouth and taste the sweetness! There is nothing like tree (or in this case, vine) ripened produce! How about a close up?

This may seem strange but I had to get used to eating our grapes.

Growing up, my mother never, never, never, never bought grapes with seeds.

I did not even know they came with seeds. But they do, and ours have them. What do you do with the seeds?

I thought about biting the grape in half and pulling out the seeds. But, everyone would laugh and besides, can you imagine how long it would take to eat them!

I tried discreetly separating them with my tongue and spitting them out. I discreetly separated the seeds but not too discreetly spit! I'm just not a good spitter. I am not the person to have on your team in a watermelon seed fight!

I tried swallowing them. I do swallow them sometimes but then, I wasn't chewing the grape well and there was a lump going down.

So, I just chew them right up!

John cringes.

The children say "Ugh!".

I smile and say, " grape seed extract!" After all, it is healthy and I have a vineyard full of grape seeds ... why not? Sometimes the seeds are bitter but, that is when I just swallow, without further chewing, lump and all!

As I have said earlier, the  sugar content of grapes is measured in brix. The brix of the Montepuciano was 24 a couple of days ago and we are waiting for 26 to 27 to begin harvest. That should happen early next week.


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