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September 19, 2020 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Montepulciano Harvest 2020

We are onto Montepulciano harvest for 2020!

Montepulciano is an Italian red grape. It has nice, sweet flavors and when it's almost ripe it has hints of watermelon!

Montepulciano Harvest 2020 - Pellenc harvester in front of sunrise.

Up Before the Sun!

It's a beautiful brisk morning, perfect for a harvest! A harvest morning is always so much fun. It's the compilation of a years worth of work!

Guys talking in front of the Pellenc.

While the machine warms up it's a great time to talk and drink coffee! We let the Pellenc warm up each time for ~15 minutes.

Montepulciano Harvest 2020 - Montepulciano leaves silhouetted against sunrise.

The sunrise is so pretty! It's always nice to take a minute (or several) and watch it. This sunrise for Montepulciano harvest of 2020 is quite breath taking.

Montepulciano Harvest 2020 - Montepulciano Grapes

These grapes are just hanging pretty, waiting for harvest!

Montepulciano Harvest 2020 - Collage of pictures, Montepulciano grapes and vines

The fruit and vines look great. It's been an odd year, weather wise, but the vines look good.

The Workers

Montepulciano Harvest 2020 - Collage of vineyard workers

Pictured top to bottom, left to right. Silas and Merrill; Victoria (Silas' wife) and their three children; Louisa; Dina-Marie; John.

Harvest is an exciting time, if you can't tell by the happy faces!

Montepulciano Harvest 2020 - Collage of vineyard workers

Zane and a nephew; Isabella; Christoph.

Harvest is fueled with smiles and coffee!

Up and Running

Pellenc Harvester beginning a row.

The Pellenc is off doing it's job starting Montepulciano harvest 2020 out strong. The guys do a great job setting the machine so it picks the fruit nice and clean.

At the Barn

Now we get to dump the grapes into bins at the barn.

Dumping grapes into bins

We have a good mix of juice and berries. The grapes you see pictured are the ones we are going to use in our winery. But, others we are harvesting today are going to other wineries.

Pouring grapes into bins

After the juice pours out, then comes the berries. It's so cool seeing the mass of fruit pour into the bins!

Montepulciano grapes in the bin.

It's great to see the fruit of your labors all in one place. The fruit smells good in the bins. It makes me want to eat some grapes!!!

Montepulciano grapes in bins

After we load the bins up with grapes, we stack and weigh them. Then load them into the semi truck to be taken to the winery!

That's a Wrap for Montepulciano Harvest 2020

Daisy flower

And just like that, another harvest is in the books! On a side note, the Daisy's are pretty this year! I couldn't resist taking a picture of this lone one. They are such a bright and cheery flower.

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