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January 5, 2021 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Labeling 2017 Vintage

We got our labels in and we are ready to begin labeling our 2017 vintage!

Labeling 2017 Vintage - a roll of Montepulciano labels on the label machine.

The Labels

The picture on the labels was taken on site at our vineyard. The view is from the top of our filter house looking down at our barn/winery. It was a beautiful evening for pictures and so we figured we would use that picture on our wine label.

Aglianico 2017 - Oswald Vineyard Aglianico 2017 wine label

All of our wine labels have the same picture on them. That way when you see that picture, you know you have found Oswald Vineyard wine!

The Labeler

We used a wine labeler that a friend and fellow wine maker gave us. It sure made our job easy and fun.

It worked so well and we were able to do a case (12 bottles) in 38 seconds! While that might be slow for bigger wineries, that was super fast for us.

Labeling 2017 Vintage - Christoph putting on the labels.

To set up the labeler, you thread the sheet of labels through all the rollers. Once you thread the sheet through, you roll the bottle on a couple of rollers and it picks up the labels.

Labeling 2017 Vintage - a bottle just labeled.

Labeling the 2017 vintage was a fun job! We were able to do it with just 3 people. It took us a couple of days to label all of our bottles.

Labeling 2017 Vintage - a labeled bottle of Montepulciano wine,

The Finished Product - Labeled 2017 Vintage

Now our bottles of wine look complete! They bottles are ready to be sold.

Labeling 2017 Vintage - a bottle of Montepulciano wine laying on top of an open case of wine.

It is so nice to be able to see all the labels on the wine bottles.

Moscato, Roussanne, Montepulciano and Aglianico wine bottles in the vineyard.

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