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May 17, 2013 | Building | OS VINE

Greenhouse EIFS Completed

eifs finished

For a chronological listing of our building projects with ICF (or insulated concrete forms), be sure to look through the ICF Building Index.

A couple of weeks ago I detailed how we had started to apply EIFS to the greenhouse walls. Well, this week we completed them!

EIFS is an acronym for exterior insulation finishing system and also provides insulation value. It is like a synthetic stucco but more durable than traditional stucco. EIFS is applied in 3 steps - a thin layer of concrete is spread over the surface of your wall, then a fiberglass mesh is embedded into it and finally a color coat is applied for a more finished look. This color coat also adds more waterproofing to the wall.

If you remember, we had poured the concrete in the ICF walls (another acronym for insulated concrete forms). We used the ICF for ease rather than for their wonderful insulation value. Since the ICF snaps together like really big legos, they are great for DIY'ers like us! So, the EIFS is applies directly to the surface of the ICF.

With vineyard work and the unfortunate event of a winery not paying, we were forced to put this and other projects on hold. Even though the winery has not completely paid us yet, since our Alabama house sold, we can finish some projects!

So, back to the project at hand - the greenhouse!

My favorite color is yellow. In fact, almost every major event in my life has been yellow - my bedroom growing up, our wedding, the baby nursery bedding, our house in Alabama and now the filter house. So, as you probably have already guessed, the greenhouse too will be a pale yellow!

The last coat of color is like grout with a lot of sand in it. First, the final coat is troweled on in a thin layer and then it is smoothed. It looks very easy. And, it is easy. But, it does make for some sore muscles over the next couple of days. Your hands get tired holding the trowel and your shoulder and arm feel like they will drop off! Still, it is worth the effort - the final product is not only nice looking but very durable.eifs final coat Because the greenhouse walls are 40 ft long, 2 people worked in adjoining areas, side by side. Of course, there were onlookers and extra helpers! efis final coat Finally, we are ready to put the panels on the roof. But, since we have missed this years growing season, to start seedlings anyway, we are going to put the roof on hold and get started with the EIFS on the ICF barn we built last fall!

To see the progression of the greenhouse: 

ICF Greenhouse

ICF Greenhouse Walls Poured

Greenhouse EIFS Completed



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