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November 6, 2020 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Fall Vineyard

Fall weather (or as close as we ever get to fall weather) has begun. So now the vineyard has its fall leaves on!

Fall Vineyard - Looking down a row of grape vines which have some multi colored leaves.

Our Fall Vineyard

We don't normally get a very long fall season. The seasons here in Brownfield just normally go from Summer to Winter so the tiny window of "Fall" that we do get, we enjoy!

It's fun finding the first few red leaves. We enjoy them for as long as we can.

Fall Vineyard - Close up photo of some red leaves.

During fall, after harvest, we do maintenance jobs. Our maintenance jobs include spraying the vines (the last spray of the year) and checking to make sure the drip tape is working properly, among other things.

This is also the time of the year when we need to do things at our winery like filtering, bottling, etc. So even though the rush of harvest is past, there are still things to do but they are normally done at a slower pace so, that is nice!

Fall Vineyard - Looking down a row of vines from a lower vantage point.

This year, we had a freeze that was really hard and really early - on October 26th. So the poor vineyard lost it's "fall" colors very fast this year. We will be able to see in the spring if the freeze damaged the vines or rather, how badly it damaged them.

Maybe next year we will be able to enjoy the fall colors for longer!

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