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September 22, 2020 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Aglianico Harvest 2020

Aglianico harvest has begun for 2020!

Aglianico is an Italian red grape. It is very flavorful to drink as wine and great to eat! When we harvest it, the berries tend to burst because they are so ripe. It makes a nice, bold wine with tons of flavor.

Aglianico Harvest 2020 Begins

Aglianico Harvest 2020 - Waiting at the barn with the dump buggy.

So the wait begins at the barn, waiting for the Pellenc grape harvester to finish a row. It's quiet when the harvester is not around.

The Field Work

Aglianico Harvest 2020 - Collage of pictures; Pellenc harvester dumping into the dump buggy.

Here is a multi picture collage showing the harvester coming out of the row, dumping and starting down another row.

The drivers switch out every few rows because believe it or not, they get tired of driving. We also make sure that another person rides with the driver to help the driver keep an eye on the fruit (how clean and well it's picking) and also to keep the driver company.

The Barn Work

Aglianico Harvest 2020 - Dumping grapes into the bins.

Now we're back at the barn! The tractor gets to dump the dump buggy full of grapes into the bins as John directs him.

Grapes in dump buggy

The grapes are coming off very nicely.

Grapes pouring out of dump buggy, close up

After 12 years, it is still exciting to see the grapes fall into the bins!

John pushing grapes around in bins

Here comes the last bit from this load. Soon the tractor will be ready to go pick up another load of grapes from the harvester!

Close up of grapes in bins

All these good looking grapes! They sure taste sweet. These grapes are about 25% sugar so they are good and sweet.

Aglianico Harvest 2020 - Collage of pictures; stacking, weighing and moving bins

Now, for weighing and loading. Julian and John are taking turns driving the fork truck today. They sure are good drivers, very careful! No bins have been dropped this year - yet!

Loading semi with double stacked bins

We are double stacking the first several bins, that way we can get more into the truck.

Loading semi with single stacked bins

Since we don't have to really cram the bins in, we are single stacking some of them. The last few on this truck were singles. Since they are lighter than the doubles, they are much easier for the person manning the pallet jack to move around.

And just like that, Aglianico harvest 2020 is finished! Now begins the anticipation for what next year will bring.

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