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October 2, 2017 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Aglianico Grape Harvest 2017

Aglianico Grape Harvest 2017 - Pellenc grape harvesterJust like our Montepulciano harvest, the Aglianico grape harvest was about a month earlier than ever before! Normally harvesting in the cold morning hours of mid to late October, we enjoyed the warmth of September!

Aglianico grape harvest is always our last harvest and normally the last harvest on the high plains of west Texas. All our grape growing friends are normally completely finished with harvest before we are. It is a good feeling to be finished so early!

I love sharing photos of the grapes with you. In fact, I get to the point when I am out in the vineyard that I just have to tell myself that I cannot take one more picture.

I am like an insect drawn to the light. Each cluster looks better than the last one and I just keep clicking my camera! I just get so excited, I can't help it!

So, indulge me while I show you just a couple of photos. I really want you to see the difference before harvesting and afterwards. Below you can see a vine loaded with Aglianico grapes.

Aren't they a gorgeous deep blue?

Aglianico Grape Harvest 2017 - Aglianico GrapesNow, here is a close-up of a vine after harvest. You can see where the grapes were hanging - that is called the rakus. The Pellenc grape harvester does a wonderful job of cleaning the vines and getting the ripe grapes off the vines.

Aglianico Grape Harvest - Aglianico Grapevine after the Pellenc harvesterAglianico grape harvest is over and just a few things must be done in the vineyard to prepare for winter and next year's crop.

It is definitely an exciting time of year and never ceased to amaze me how quickly it comes and goes!

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