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ICF Building Index

ICF Building

In an effort to make it easier to navigate the list of posts having to do with our ICF (insulated concrete forms) building projects, here is a list in chronological order (with newest posts on top) for each project.

The ICF blocks we are using now are from Fox Blocks and we order them as needed from a local dealer. Not only do they have a high insulation value, they are so easy to snap together that the whole family helps - from parents to 5 yr old! Think adult sized legos.

Being the do-it-your-self types, we naturally enjoy doing the work ourselves and especially when it is building our own home, barn, filter house... And of course the financial savings is a huge asset!   😉


Phase 3 - First Floor Main Living Area

Phase 2 - Basement Expansion

Phase 2 is the expansion of the original basement. We have extended the concrete slab 16 feet and erected new walls almost doubling our living space - although much of it will be storage for tools, bicycles, freezers...

Phase 1 - Basement

Phase 1 involved building what will eventually be the basement to our home which overlooks the vineyard. It is 1500 sq ft and has 1 bathroom. While this is a small area for 9 people, it is space efficient and we love being right at the vineyard - we only have a short walk to work! The size is not as much of a challenge as the 1 bathroom! But, when the upstairs is completed, we will have more!


We completed the barn made out of ICF blocks in June 2013. We contracted the concrete slab and steel work but as with the other building projects, laid the ICF blocks and filled them with concrete ourselves.

Filter House

The filter house houses the filter station protecting it from the sun, hail and with the ICF blocks, from freezing. In the vineyard, we have underground irrigation or drip tape. This tape has little holes (or emitters) that the water, because of pressure, is forced through thus watering the vines. The filter system is important because it filters out dirt and sand that could clog these emitters. We finished the ICF filter house in January 2013.


While there was no real reason to use ICF blocks on the greenhouse, we chose them for their ease, durability and strength. The greenhouse is an ongoing project that we just never seem to have enough time to finish. When it comes down to it, when time permits, we want to work on the house!