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About Oswald Vineyard

Our Journey Begins

Oswald Vineyard is a family owned and operated commercial vineyard which began in 2008 by John and Dina-Marie Oswald along with their family which includes 10 children although not all of them are involved in the family business.

Before beginning the vineyard, John was a chemist for 20 years with a Swiss owned chemical company. This job took us (at that time having only 5 children) to Switzerland for four years (aka a 4 year vacation). During that time, 2 more children were added to the family and upon return to the United States, we began to explore possible businesses that would allow the us to work together as a family.

During a vacation to west Texas, we were introduced to the farming lifestyle and were especially intrigued with growing grapes. Little did we know what a family lifestyle change had begun - God does work in mysterious ways!

Lifestyle Change - Corporate to Grape Farming!

In 2008 we have made the jump and moved from Alabama to the high plains of  Texas to start Oswald Vineyard. We planted 5 acres of grape vines in the Spring of 2008 and have continued expansion to 37 ⅓ acres. Our varieties include Roussanne (a French white variety), two Italian reds, Montepulciano and Aglianico, as well as, Petit Verdo, Muscato Giallo and Albarino.

Leaving the "secure" corporate world to begin a vineyard has been challenging to say the least! Funded by all our savings, cashing in our retirement fund, good hard work and even a paper route to make ends meet, the rewards have been endless. Working together as a family has built a good work ethic, as well as, great family relationships.

Family Working Together

So far, 4 children (now adults) are working in the vineyard and the rest of the ones at home (three) are planning to make the vineyard their career and lifestyle also. What joy comes from good, honest hard work - doing what you love with those whom you love!

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