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October 26, 2009 | Vineyard | OS VINE

When Our Grapes Come In...

Two years ago, a lifestyle change? You would never have convinced me that our lives would take such a turn!

Back then, my hubby was employed in a well paying job, home educating was going smoothly, I even had all the children's music lessons scheduled on 1 day (quite an accomplishment, as this was the most efficient use of time!). THEN....

Things began changing at the workplace and the question came up, "if we were ever going to make a life change--was now the time?"

Now to me, a change meant possibly going back to school (John not me!) or a company change. I never ever, and I mean never, dreamed that I would wake up saying "yes"  to a move across the USA to the high plains of west Tx to become farmers. Well, grape growing is a type of farming, viticulture to be more precise.

So, we put our house near Mobile, Al. up for sale, just in time to be too late. The market went downhill as soon as we did it!  Oh well, it has still not sold but I am sure there is someone, somewhere, that will see the beauty of living in a secluded pine forest, away from the busy city life in a large made-for-a-big-family house!  Where oh where are they?

Oh well, I find us now renting a small house (about 1400 sq ft) very close to the vineyard. I must admit though, the smallness is not so difficult to deal with as only having 1 bathroom! Now, maybe, to most people this would not present a problem. But, when you get 10 people, who have been accustomed to 5 bathrooms, faced now with only 1, day in and day out, it has its challenges!

The funny thing about this situation is, we are actually happy. I know it sounds crazy. But working together (and I mean hard physical labor) has been good for us as a family. I call this our "character building" time. There is such a feeling of personal satisfaction at the end of the day---if you can feel past the soreness of your muscles!

I find myself, surrounded by not only children, but 2 corgies, Sophie and Scruggs, a family milk cow, Buttercup, 2 calves that will eventually be milkers, and about 35 chickens. I say "about"  in reference to the chickens because they are difficult to count. I know a couple died and Buttercup stepped on one--she didn't mean too!

You have probably heard the old saying, "when our ship comes in...", well, our family saying has become, "when our grapes come in...".

When our grapes come in, we plan to build another big house overlooking the vineyard. When our grapes come in...

Until then, though, we are enjoying our adventure together.


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