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June 7, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Watch Out!

Beware all you drivers out there, we have a new automobile operator in our family!

Our 16 year old daughter passed her driving test and is licensed to drive alone. While she is very responsible, the mother in me is anxious - will she be careful, will she get lost, will she wreck?

Knowing her:

The careful part is unfounded - she is.

The lost part - well, that is part of learning - being able to drive yourself while thinking about which way to turn is just part of learning. After all, how many times have I said, "if I'm not driving, I don't pay attention to directions and where I am going"?

The wrecking part - I have instilled in her the defensive driving part, but, accidents do happen. This is where faith come in. Faith that she is in the Lord's hands and He is watching over her, whatever happens.

It is not like this is the first time to have a 16 year old driver. This is the fifth time - only five more to go!

Being a mother is difficult. I guess I should say, the letting go and letting them grow up part of being a mother is difficult.    


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