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August 17, 2012 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Unicycle Time Out!

I am afraid that I might have given the impression that all we do is work - in the  vineyard , gardening or building our house.  I assure you that, that is not true. Thankfully, our simpler farming life here in dusty West Texas affords us plenty of opportunity to relax and play.

Among other activities, we ride unicycles.  

Confession: This is an example of how I use "we" loosely. I, personally, do not ride a unicycle, but the children do. And, John can too, for that matter. So, I guess everyone in the family unicycles except our 3 year old and myself. I would but ... the thoughts of broken bones, blood and guts spread across the ground (especially mine) keep me from it.

But, back to unicycles,

Riding unicycles has been in our family since living in Switzerland. It  started on a camping trip through northern Europe including Northern Germany, Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic. We went with friends who also have a large family and they took their unicycles. Our children picked up riding unicycles very quickly and have enjoyed it ever since. The older ones can still ride and the younger ones have learned - even our 7 year old can ride a short distance. In fact, our 19, 16, 15 and 13 year olds can easily go for a 2 mile ride! Makes me tired thinking about it!

But, not only can they ride straight, they can also:

  • Ride in a line of 3:

  • Ride in circles:

  • Ride separate while the youngest brother whips his bicycle in and out:

  • Ride in a line of 5:

  • A couple can even ride down stairs and jump over boards! (I could not seem to click my camera at the right time to catch either of these stunts!)

I appreciate the applause, and yes, those are my children and I am sure their athletic ability came from moi!


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