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October 15, 2021 | Corgipoos | OS VINE

Schnuki's First Corgipoo Litter

Schnuki's First Corgipoo Litter was born May 28, 2021. She had eight (yes, you read that right, eight) corgipoo puppies. Check out our Corgipoos - Corgi Poodle Mix page for more about the breed, links to past litters and pics of the parents.

Schnuki's First Corgipoo litter is the largest litter we have had with 8 puppies.

Largest Corgipoo Litter Ever

Schnunki's First Corgipoo litter was the biggest litter that we have ever had. She had three boys and five girls for a grand total of eight!

Image showing Schnuki's First Corgipoo Litter at 8 weeks old.

Schnuki has been a wonderful mom and birthed all eight puppies without any problems at all. In fact, she had them all in a matter of a few hours.

Image showing corgipoo puppies at 8 weeks old.

I can remember thinking that they just keep coming! Needless to say, we were all surprised that she had so many. Thankfully, they have all been healthy and very quickly got fat and adorable!

Photographing Schnuki's First Corgipoo Litter

Corgipoo puppies and all their cuteness shown in a collage of four images.

As you can imagine, photographing eight puppies was a bit challenging. I am sure you can tell from the pictures! Puppies rarely just sit and smile. One looks one way and another looks another way!

But, no matter, the puppies while not performing as I would have preferred, are so adorable that it really does not matter. They are just plain adorable and full of personality.

Weekly Pictures for New Puppy Parents

When you purchase an Oswald Vineyard Corgipoo, you can expect weekly updates. This update is a weekly text with a picture so you can see your puppies growth.

Weekly pictures are sent most weeks to show how your puppy is growing as seen in the collage of 4 images.

While I try, life does happen, and it did during this litter! We had a new grandson born! So, leaving the puppies in the very capable hands of our older children, we left for a week. It was fun playing grandparents!

I cannot say how much I appreciate everyone's understanding during this time. While they missed one week's picture, they were all so encouraging. We appreciated the excitment for us over the birth of our grandson!

Corgipoo Puppy Pickup

After their first shots and vet checkup, the puppies are ready for pick up. Everyone is welcome to come to our farm or I can meet in Lubbock if that is more convenient.

Families pictured picking up their corgipoo puppy from Oswald Vineayard

I love putting faces to names and voices that I have been texting and talking with!

For the first time, we had our tasting room open by appointment during puppy pickup. And, several people took advantage of that and scheduled a tasting when coming for their puppy pickup.

We all love sharing the story of how God has brought us to west Texas. Not only to grow grapes but now to start a winery. So, this gives us another way to share that story. We would love for you to catch our vision of growth for our family business and become part of the Oswald Vineyard family.

Interested in a Corgipoo?

If you would like more information about our corgipoos, please leave a comment and I will sent you an email.


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