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August 6, 2010 | Animals | OS VINE


Puppies, beans, corn and peas ... We have had an exciting couple of days around here! The most exciting news first, our corgi, Sophie  had her puppies - 3 tri colored boys and 1 red female. Born Wednesday, they are adorable and of course the children are thrilled. A couple of months ago, Sophie survived a coyote attack ( I am not sure who attacked whom) which really aged her. So, I am planning on keeping the red and white female. For now, we are contemplating names for her and Squiggles is in first place. At the present, there is no second or third place. Sophie now has inside privileges again and is really enjoying all the attention. When she does leave, the box of puppies which is under a chair, is pulled out and examined. Sophie will never want for a puppy-sitter! Earlier Wednesday, beans were picked. The same day, a friend blessed us with several plastic bags of corn. We shucked and cut the corn off the cob and creamed some. After the corn was done, we started snapping beans and did not finish until 12:30pm. The time went quickly with everyone working together. Of course, watching Oceans 11 helped too! Some little people could not wait for the corn to be cooked and got right to eating. If you have never tried raw corn on the cob, it is really good. Thursday was met with (in addition to vineyard work) peas to be picked and shelled.Whew, just relating all that has been done makes me tired! I am looking forward to a quieter weekend.


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