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November 20, 2009 | Animals | OS VINE


I have not introduced you to Sophie yet. She was a bit embarrassed about her "condition". But, that is all taken care of now and we have 3, beautiful tri-colored welsh pembroke corgi puppies. She had two males and one female last Saturday night very late. Needless to say, everyone here is so excited.

Corgis were originally bred to be cattle dogs for herding. We do not have enough cows to "herd" but she sure gets a workout with the children!

The proud papa (actually, he could care less) is Scruggs. He is a red and white corgi. They were with us in Alabama and have made the transition to west Texas easily. In Alabama, they were completely inside dogs. Here in Texas, they love walking over to the vineyard anytime someone is going and will stay as long as we do! They are still our beloved family pets, they are just outside more with a greater amount of exercise.


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