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August 2, 2010 | Building | OS VINE

New House Update

You might be wondering what happened after the pouring of the slab for our new house which is to overlook the vineyard. For a chronological listing of our building projects with ICF (or insulated concrete forms), be sure to look through the ICF Building Index. The answer - Nothing! After pouring the slab and picking up the insulated concrete forms, the vineyard work picked up so much that we have not had time to work on the house. This is a wonderful problem to have (I mean, so much work as opposed to no work because the vines died!) and the work will probably slow down this month. At that point, we will get back to working on the house. In the meantime, the walls sit on the slab waiting. How am I handling this? Mostly, I am so thankful that the grapes are growing well and that there is work to do, that I am a big girl about it. But ... there are days ... Have you ever watched your child throw a tantrum and then pout? Some days, I feel like throwing a tantrum! I am so ready to get out of this small rental and into a new place with a big kitchen. If it gets dirty ("if" is inappropriate here - "when" is more like it ), it is our dirt that must be cleaned and not years of other people's dirt. But, thankfully this only happens sometimes and hormones are usually involved! Mostly, I am being a big girl about it! When I stop and count my blessing (naming them one by one) this rental house is one of them. It is so convenient to be able to walk back and forth to the vineyard! The size has also been a blessing. We have not had a lot of house to clean and with the busy days of summer, that has been a blessing. We have also learned character through this. Especially, patience with everyone in such close quarters. Waiting for the bathroom is a good example. So, I do count this time as very valuable for our family. After all, if the Alabama house had sold immediately, we would not have had this opportunity to learn all we have. That said, I'm tired of learning!


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