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January 17, 2012 | Animals | OS VINE


We have another new family member. A cat.  Monty - short for Montepulciano - one of the Italian red grape varieties that we grow. His mother was Siamese. From the looks of Monty, his father may have been Persian.That would make him a Himalayan. I am a dog person NOT and I repeat, NOT a cat person. But, even I have to admit, Monty is a nice cat. Why would I feel this way being such a loyal dog person? He thinks he is one of the dogs! He sleeps with them. They eat out of the same bowl. They all eat dog food (Monty prefers it!). They run together. They play together. They all walk to the vineyard and back together. But, Monty,  although he may not realize it, is still a cat. How do I know? He still purrs!


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