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October 28, 2020 | Wines | OS VINE

Montepulciano 2017

Montepulciano is an Italian red grape that grows great on the Texas High Plains. Our Montepulciano 2017 was grown, harvested and produced on location at Oswald Vineyard.

Montepulciano 2017 - Montepulciano 2017 Oswald Vineyard wine label
Montepulciano 2017 Oswald Vineyard label

About Montepulciano 2017

Montepulciano is a dry* red wine with a strong aroma and full body. You can taste notes of cherry, plum, a bit of pepper, oak and tobacco. It pairs great with savory foods like grilled or barbecued meats and also with tomato based pasta dishes and pizza. In addition to those foods, charcuterie boards also pair nicely with this wine or if you'd like, you can drink it on its own!

Montepulciano wine bottle.

We let this wine age for two years in oak barrels to help the wine flavors to smooth out and mellow. Since it sits so long in the oak barrels, the wine picks up some oak flavors from the barrels.

$30/bottle, call to order 806-686-4738.

*dry - meaning it doesn't have any sugar/sweet taste.

For more info about Montepulciano, check out the links below.

Montepulciano Harvest 2020

Crushing Montepulciano Grapes

Pressing Montepulciano Grapes


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