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May 18, 2012 | Animals | OS VINE

Milking Parlor Concrete Poured

I posted last week on the progress made building our new cow palace (aka milking parlor). From framing to finishing, we have done the work ourselves. Besides saving money, it also gives the children a chance to learn additional skills and confidence to try new projects. After pricing ready mix concrete, especially after there was a 3 yard minimum and we only need 1 1/2 yards, we purchased the ingredients and mixed it ourselves. Using Portland cement, we mixed it with sand and gravel purchased from a concrete supplier about 5 miles away. Mixing was done rather easily with a small cement mixer and then poured onto the floor. It happened to be one of those rare rainy days here in West Texas so, as much mixing  as possible was done inside the cow palace. As usual, Emme was the most curious about the work being done. For the finish, we have a brushed or rough surface so it will not be slippery when wet. We even added everyone's hand prints - everyone still at home that is! They are in the middle of the cow palace floor so they will be seen and not covered up by feed and other stuff! So, as you look at the finished milking parlor, complete with covered porch, remember that it will be nicely painted pale yellow - hopefully, in the not too distant future! Now, if Buttercup would just have her calf, we are ready to milk!


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