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February 8, 2016 | Building | OS VINE

Front Porch Concrete

Pouring Concrete Front Porch - rebar and wire meshFor a chronological listing of our building projects with ICF (or insulated concrete forms), be sure to look through the ICF Building Index. With the footers and supporting walls completed, we are ready for the front porch concrete! The weather has been a milder and John and the boys have been able to get the prep work done to have the concrete delivered. In the photo above, you can see the front porch pad with the wire mesh and rebar just waiting for the cement truck. Since the front porch is so large, we are pouring it in two different pours. Hence, the wood you see in the photo above is used to divide the porch into sections. Pouring Concrete Front Porch As you can see, everyone gets involved - it is a family affair! Pouring Concrete Front Porch - Spreading the ConcreteOnce the concrete is poured, a long board is used to even out the concrete and level it. Pouring Concrete Front Porch - Leveling the ConcreteTwo people (one on each end) work the board back and forth while others, using rakes, pull any excess concrete out of the way. Pouring Concrete Front Porch - Leveling the ConcreteThe rocks in the concrete slowly settle and get smoothed out so the front porch begins to look more and more level. Pouring Concrete Front Porch - Leveling the ConcreteAs the concrete dries a float is used to finish the concrete and give a smoother finish. The cement truck came about 1:00 pm and John and the boys were finished about 10:30 pm - it was a long day but very productive! Pouring Concrete Front Porch - Finishing the ConcreteI look forward to sitting on the front porch and enjoying the view of the vineyard... Front Porch View of the Vineyard For a chronological listing of our ICF building see ICF Building Index.


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