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December 15, 2009 | Vineyard | OS VINE

Christmas Lights

Our children really enjoy decorating for Christmas both inside and out. Even though our rental house is small and on an out of the way country road, they were not deterred. They outlined a portion of our house's profile with lights. Not many other people may see it, but we enjoy it.

Last night we made a drive to the near-by, small town to look at the Christmas light displays. There is nothing like it to increase your festive spirit, especially when viewed with a van full of children.

The highlight was a house and yard whose many strands of blinking lights were choreographed to musical selections. As you pulled up to the house, a sign instructed you to tune your radio to a particular frequency. Their private, low-power station broadcasted chosen songs to which the lights blinked, flashed and faded. It was fabulous! Since we were one of very few viewing (it being a weeknight), we sat through almost two whole sets. From then on, as we pulled up to another house really decked out with lights, our younger boys would ask us to "turn it on" too. They thought all extensive light displays should play to music - wouldn't it be neat if they did!


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