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February 23, 2012 | Animals | OS VINE


Cheepo  is the name or our parakeet. That is ChEEpo - not to be confused with ChEApo! He was a Christmas present from our oldest daughter and her husband to the four youngest boys. Why would someone call their bird Cheepo? Because he cheeped. Very softly in the beginning. But now, he lets loose and rivals the children in volume! Cheepo is bright green with a yellow head and lives in a white cage. Having never had a bird before, I think he is a cute and very fascinating to watch. He is so content to sit or flutter around his cage. He watches you, turning his head, as you pass by. Sometimes he even cheeps in response to your cheep. So far he has learned to step on a finger but not without taking a nibble at it first! It has been a lot of fun to see all the boys trying to train him. Cheepo's next trick to learn is a wolf-whistle - you know, the type of whistle a guy lets go when he sees an attractive girl. Everyone is doing it! Even our 3 yr old tries! Cheepo is bound to catch on sooner or later. I sure hope it is sooner. I rarely mind the noise around our house, but this whistling ... well, let's just say that it can get a bit ear piercing!  


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