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March 8, 2012 | Animals | OS VINE

Bob's Toys

As I mentioned yesterday, Bob walks (or runs) with us to the vineyard each morning - the whole 1/6 mile distance. I have been taking sand toys to occupy our youngest children throughout the morning. Bob, being the intelligent corgi that he is, also decided to take toys to the vineyard. Bob's toys revolve around his favorite game, fetch.

Bob's Toys Include...

A chunk of wood makes a great fetch toy, but it is hard to get your mouth around!

Bob's Toys - Bob with a piece of wood.

Then there is always a tennis ball - they are easy to find in the vineyard!

Bob's Toys - Bob with a tennis ball.

Even a boring old stick!

Bob's Toys - Bob with a piece of grapevine that we cut off.

Actually, a stick is not so boring - you can also play tug-a-war!

Bob's Toys - A little boy playing tug-a-war with Bob.

Whatever the toy of the day is, he waits just beyond it, crouching down on his front paws until you pick it up. He seems to beg or maybe dare you to get it and throw it - smiling all the while!

Bob's Toys - Bob waiting to play.

He is always a source of entertainment - tearing off through the rows to fetch whatever you have thrown for him! Bob's toys usually end up being a wet, dirty mess but that doesn't stop him!

Time for a Water Break

And, like the cows, he must stop periodically for a drink of water from the barrel. That is, until someone distracts him with something that might make a great fetch toy!

Bob's Toys - getting some water.

You can always tell when Bob is getting tired - his tongue hangs out! He's had such a great day chasing sticks!

Bob's Toys - Bob taking a break.

Bob's tongue does not just hang out, it flops out the side of his mouth! Have you ever seen such a long tongue?

He's Ready to Go Again!

Bob is such a great dog! He is such a loyal "vineyard worker" and is always giving us a laugh.

Bob's Toys - Bob wanting to play.

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