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October 28, 2020 | Wines | OS VINE

Aglianico 2017

Agliancio is an Italian red grape which grows very well on the Texas High Plains. The wine is dry and full bodied. Aglianico 2017 was grown, harvested and produced on location at Oswald Vineyard.

Aglianico 2017 - Oswald Vineyard Aglianico 2017 wine label
Oswald Vineyard Aglianico 2017 wine label

About Aglianico 2017

We aged this Aglianico for two years in oak barrels. We let the wine sit in barrels to let the flavors meld together and smooth out. As a result, the oak barrels also give the wine a light oak flavor.

Aglianico is a dry, full bodied red wine with strong tannins. The wine has hints of dark cherry, pepper, tobacco and oak. And it has a very deep red color.

Aglianico wine bottle

Aglianico pairs well with barbecued meats, Asiago cheese, and roasted mushrooms, to name a few. In addition, it goes great with an appetizer of salami, cheddar cheese and crackers.

$35/bottle, call to order 806-686-4738.

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